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Landover Big Brother


Russian & Ukrainian CH



sable/white dog


Rey Perry, UK



"Brian" was imported from England from the very old legendary sheltie kennel "Landover" at the age of 3 years old. He is very attractive dark sable dog with very reach coat and nice bone. He has full dentition, 38 cm in size.

He was shown several times in England, always placed (including at Cruft`s - puppy class), several times he was also the winner of Open shows.
Brian`s father is a son of very popular stud dog Ch Keltiehope Keynote at Malaroc, his children are very successful in showing and breeding: Iliad Imagemaker, Snabswood Status Symbol. The father of Keynote also a very nice stud dog, his children (Exbury Icon, Exbury Irresistable, Ch Highgate Mr Paddington) have very nice full muzzle with marvellous expression, beautiful coat and good bone, he is grandson of Ch Lythwood Sky Master.
Brian's father - Vetelcroft Urchin at Malaroc has linebreeding IV:IV Ch Forestland Target, IV:IV Exbury Wistful. Brian`s mother - Landovers Meannmark Georgia Brown also has line breeding: IV:IV Ch Markman of Ellendale, IV:IV Ch Swiftlight Otello x Landovers Song Bird.
From the first time in April 2002 when we saw him in England at the age of 9 month old we love him a lot! Thanks a lot to his breeder-previous owner Mr Rey Perry for letting him to stay in Ukraine! Also a very big thanks to Mike Saint for the help!!!

Brian has a succesfull show career in Ukraine and Russia, as well as several CACs, BOBs, BIGs and even BIS-3 all breeds he won the CH title.

Brian has successful breeding career and has some very promising litters in Russia, according to a Show results in 2006 he became the TOP STUD DOG OF THE YEAR.

Brian is available at stud!

С 2008 года Браян проживает с Людмилой Добродомовой в Днепропетровске, где горяче любим и продолжает свою выставочную и племенную деятельность.

Brian, 2006 Brian`s puppie in Tverskaja Skazka kennel, Russia